Torrevieja Harbour Area Development

Torrevieja Harbour Area Development

The Mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, announced the approval of the urbanization project for the Port of Torrevieja and its adjacent areas during the Local Government Board meeting on November 18. This project aims to enhance the town’s center and seafront, serving as a dynamic element for the municipality.

Initially, there were controversies surrounding the project, but these seem to have been resolved. The goal is to integrate the port area with the rest of the city, as requested by the General Directorate of Ports of the Generalitat Valenciana. The project falls under the Framework Agreement for joint project and works management, with an estimated cost of €1,700,539 (including VAT) and a maximum execution period of 5 months.

The project’s main focus is to reduce traffic in the area significantly. It plans to replace the current Paseo de la Libertad with a spacious multi-use esplanade extending from the current promenade buildings to the sea. In this area, traffic will be limited to emergencies, residents, and catering services. Surrounding streets like Azorín, Chapaprieta, María Parodi, Rambla Juan Mateo, Heraclio, Ramón y Cajal, Pedro Lorca, Zoa, and Apolo will also become pedestrian or semi-pedestrian zones.

The project will integrate Paseo Vista Alegre and the surroundings of the Eras de la Sal, covering an area of over 90,000 square meters. To manage traffic effectively, comprehensive solutions will be implemented, including controlling vehicle flow in and out of the port area and managing public transport, particularly urban transport and taxis.

The first phase, scheduled for January to April 2023, will focus on stormwater infrastructure works around calle Rambla Juan Mateo, connecting to the port via Paseo de la Libertad. Efforts will be made to minimize disruptions during Easter Week and the summer to avoid interrupting commercial and hospitality activities and city traffic.

The second phase, set to begin in September 2023, will address the Paseo de la Libertad esplanade, Plaza Capdepont, Emilio Castelar, and Waldo Calero, ensuring compatibility with works carried out by the concessionaire.

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